amy marie hutchins

I love what I do. I’m proud to serve our local community and beyond. Branding is my passion, and that’s what I’ve set out to do.

I collaborate with businesses to ensure they feel good about their brand goals, brand stories, customers, and more. And then we work together to make sure sales and marketing efforts align with that story and customer understanding - all with our eyes on the end goal: growth and advancement for your business.

MarketLogic is the only consulting agency in the area that focuses solely on the discovery and planning process. No strings attached. Unless you want them.

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I’ve worked in marketing and sales my entire professional career, and know that when businesses invest in planning for their brand, and thus their customers, great things happen. That’s because I’ve been helping companies do just that for over 20 years…and have witnessed amazing results.

After a successful career in the agency space working with Fortune 500 companies, I’m now excited to bring that experience to others, and to do so in a manner that provides a more focused environment where we can hone in on the planning efforts your brand deserves.

My success is your growth. And I’m thrilled to now be in a position to focus solely on helping make that growth happen for those I partner with.

Spending my early years growing up just south of Philadelphia, I learned how to talk loud and break through a whole lot of clutter. The next phase of life’s journey landed me in the middle of Iowa, where I discovered a culture focused on strategic growth and collaboration.

In 1994 I transitioned to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University, where I received a degree in Marketing and Public Relations. Oh…and Sociology. Along the way, I recognized the relevancy of really understanding your audience. Hence the add-on. When wrapping that up, I recognized another deeper need to succeed in my chosen profession. A stronger business acumen. Bring on Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and the completion of a Masters in Business. And that’s where I’ve made my home.

I know that no single strategy is the right strategy for every organization – far from it. In fact, your customers, or potential customers, will ultimately dictate your strategy. Who exactly is your target audience? What type of information are they consuming? Where are they consuming? When are they consuming? Why do they care about it? How are they finding you? And then what do we do with all of that information? That’s where I find my professional happy spot. When the organizations I’m working with recognize the value of marketing – be this as they are building their brand, augmenting their brand, working to re-brand their brand, or simply better communicating their brand. All guided by a solid marketing plan. Because when identified goals and objectives – established through the planning phase – are achieved, there is nothing but a positive return for the brand and the customers it serves.

creative collaboration

how it works

Taking a collaborative agency approach, our leadership group has collectively delivered decades of experience for Fortune 500 brands and beyond, with a sharp focus on building and optimizing successful brand and marketing strategies that propel our clients.

Three smart businesswomen who value being independent asked, “Why can’t it be different?” Why can’t we build on our vast experience, our specialties, our business smarts and build a different kind of marketing solution for clients?

This is how it evolved, and this is what our brain trust looks like.


amy marie hutchins



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our organizational difference

We’ve turned the typical agency model backwards on itself to give our clients a consultative team that meets their unique project needs. This approach is our organizational difference. Rather than simply getting “a team,” you get “a customized, experienced leadership team of talented marketers, designers and developers” whose expertise matches the objectives of your project. We work with our partners to understand their business needs and then cherry pick the best leaders to fulfill those needs. And we don't go away. You get our direct support from beginning to end. We are your primary points of contact.

putting it into action

When we fused our services in this unique collaboration, we vowed to do what’s right for every project and every client. We’ve done the agency thing; it works for some clients but is too inflated for other client budgets.

That’s why we aim to do it differently.

You need marketing. You need smarter strategy. You need innovative designs. You need forward-thinking to prepare for what’s next in technology, with the competition and the shifts to your industry.

This is how we move, think and work.

who we are


marketlogic is experienced

We know marketing. We know sales. We know planning. It’s all we’ve ever done.

marketlogic is collaborative

We cannot, and will not, pretend to know your business better than you. Your input is critical to plan development.

marketlogic is personal

We create a solution for you – and you only. We work to understand your business. Your market. Your audience. Your competition. We live in the moment with you, and look to the future for you.

marketlogic is resourceful

We work with you to find your best outlet for execution. We know your business. We know your market. We help you find a home.

what we believe

power of positive thinking
significance of relationships
endless pursuit of learning
magnitude of honesty
awareness of human nature
learning from mistakes

here’s how we bring it to life

client testimonials

  • Thomas Sammut Avatar
    Thomas Sammut
    Sr. Mgr, Marketing Services., Cannon

    Amy’s unique talent of analyzing and interrupting data in an ever changing market always put us steps ahead of our competition. Her ability to see where we need to be gave us the flexibility to be creative with our program and set new exciting standards that our audience was asking for. A true professional who brings excitement, passion and a wealth of experience and knowledge to your marketing needs.

  • Rich Thompson Avatar
    Rich Thompson
    Vice President of Marketing, MILLER ELECTRIC MFG. CO.

    Amy provides both a strategic and practical approach that is not often found in an outside partner. She was always finding ways of delivering on the goals and objectives for our well known and respected global brands in the welding world, regardless of the challenges given. Always finding way to integrate them properly for the betterment of the brands, she never took her eye off the needs of the client. If you’re a company in need of this kind of direction and thought in action, hire her. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

  • Patrick McGill Avatar
    Patrick McGill
    Managing Director, Strategy, TWO RIVERS MARKETING

    Building a marketing plan requires strategic skills and tactical know-how, and Amy Hutchins masters both areas for her clients. She can see the big picture and tie campaign or brand strategies to business objectives, and then figure out the best ways to build out the tactics to achieve those goals. It is somewhat uncommon to find those skills so strong in one person, but Amy delivers across all levels of an organization, whether discussing strategy with the VP of marketing or making sure a campaign is executed flawlessly with a marketing manager. Smart, collaborative and fun, Amy is easy to work with and always delivers for her clients.

  • Josh Stiever Avatar
    Josh Stiever

    Amy was able to jump in and help navigate our brand in a market we had simply not been investing in for quite some time. With extensive research at her fingertips, Amy and her team worked to augment our brand and provide a marketing plan that touched all relevant channels of our consumers’ journey. She worked collaboratively with our team to ensure that marketing and sales were communicating, that content was being curated, and that our new brand message was amplified in the market. Amy is easy to work with and thoughtful with her approach. I’d gladly work with her again.