Change – 5 Reasons Why You Should Go For It.

My first blog as a new business owner. That sentence alone calls out two things that are firsts for me:

  • Blogging
  • Owning a business

Sure, I’ve read a ridiculous number of blogs. Written one? Never.

Yes, I’ve been in the professional space for over 20 years. On my own? Never.

Did I fear change? Yes. Did that stop me from making a change? Nope.

Now I’m not saying dive right in and go for it. I’m a planner. Big time. I researched. I saved money. I talked to people. I took a class. I read –  a lot. I did not jump into change, but I embraced the idea of change. And then I made a change.

And these are the reasons I say “go for it.”

  1. You reconnect with yourself. So many of us fall into the same daily routine and start to assume that is who we are – because it’s what we do every day. Find something new that excites you – even if a small thing – and infuse that into your daily routine. It’s unbelievably refreshing.
  2. You learn more about yourself. Change expands your mind. It’s crazy. I’ve learned so much about myself during this transition – not all good – but eye opening. And worth it.
  3. You get smarter. For real. No one can argue that. If you take on change, you’re inevitably learning something new. And then you can apply it to what you already do. And then someone will learn from you – and they’ll get smarter.
  4. You cultivate adaptability. I’ve always considered myself adaptable, but incorporating something new into life keeps me on my toes, for sure. With each surprising scenario, you’re building confidence. Because you made your way through it, and you’re still standing.
  5. You are so entertained. Whether you’re entertaining yourself, or others, it is just so much fun. If you believe in what you’re doing.

This is me, personally. Professionally, I’ve been working with brands my entire life – helping them build their marketing and sales efforts to reach their goals and objectives. Today – more than ever – that involves the willingness to do things differently. To change. So whether in your personal life or in your business, I say go for it. Make a change. Big or small.