Marketing Buzz Words. 5 to Love. 5 to Laugh At.

I love marketing buzz words. I love the way terminology is literally made up and then spread through the marketing community like wild fire.

In 2014, I was at the Business Marketing Association’s annual conference in Chicago. The Second City performed. Ever see them? This ridiculously talented group of performers spent the bulk of their stage time mocking the buzz words that I’m also sitting here (sort of) mocking. And I was dying. Tears of laughter rolling down my face. Because someone was publicly acknowledging, and ridiculing, these made up terms that we’re all expected to know from the moment they have been coined. Account Based Marketing. Clickbait. Hyperlocal. Freemium. Omnichannel Marketing. Agile Marketing. Snackable Content. Growth Hacking. Some stick. Some don’t. Some are valuable. Some not so much.

So I’m not saying I don’t agree with what some of these buzz words offer our industry. I appreciate the concepts behind these made up terms. It’s simply the phrases themselves and how quickly those in our marketing circle begin to preach them that makes me laugh a bit.

So, because we’re expected to know them, let’s start with five I think actually carry some merit. Then five that just simply make me chuckle. If anything, perhaps this list will allow you to avoid googling them, or having a blank look on your face when someone brings them up in dialogue and expects you to follow along.

5 to Love:

  1. Growth Hacking: a fast-paced experimentation process intended to result in huge growth for a company. I love this one. Experimentation should happen more often, it sounds cool, and there are actually people with the title Growth Hacker. Awesome.
  2. Storyscaping: bringing together the power of stories and experiences to create worlds where brands and consumers connect. No more ads. Overused? Yes. Fantastical? Totally. And relevant.
  3. Clickbait: getting crazy with headlines to drive clicks. Why not? I like the term. Now if only people could start to get a little more intelligent with the content they’re driving to.
  4. Hyperlocal: really honing in on a smaller community or geographic area. At first I thought this term was super millennial. But then I started appreciating the millennials, and thus the term hyperlocal. It’s all about the GPS.
  5. X-Post: In other words, cross-post. Duh. Well, not really. I still had to google it the first time I saw it. More people should practice this.

5 to Laugh At:

  1. SoLoMo: Social, Local, Mobile. No. No. No. I’ll simply never get past the name long enough to really learn any more about it.
  2. Advertainment: Advertising that doubles as entertainment. So like Brangelina?
  3. Omnichannel Marketing: connecting your campaigns across the various channels that your customers engage in. So simply “marketing” with a word added in front.
  4. Actionable Analytics: the analysis of data that can be put into action geared towards results. Similar to above. I’m thinking all analytics should be actionable? Maybe that’s just me.
  5. Freemium: getting the basic form of a service free of charge, but then recognizing how quickly you’ll need to pay to get what you really want.

So my opinion only. And who am I – other than a growth hacking, hyperlocal looking to plan out some omnichannel marketing strategies that generate actionable analytics.